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Monday, June 28, 2004

iWish iCould see song titles on iTunes radio...

I normally (or would that be iNormally) bring my iPod to work with me - I have an early G4 grey and white on my desk hooked up to an extra 3-piece set of powered Altecs - plug it in and listen to my favorite songs when I'm working late nights. I do a fair amount of server administration tasks - new accounts, ect - and it's nice to have some background noise.

Forgot it today - had it on yesterday while I was doing laundry and washing dishes and fogot to put it back in my bag, so I decided to try the streaming radio in iTunes. I'm listening to simply radio hip hop right now. Sound is pretty good, doesn't have lots of annoying realaudio style "buffering", and a nice selection of songs. My one pet peeve is I don't see song titles. Seems to me that one of the benefits of net radio, where you have a video output device in addition to audio, is that you can have song titles. I'm surprised Apple, which usually is good about thinking of stuff, hasn't thought of this, and/or put in an iTunes Music Store tie-in.

It is possible that there is a way to display this and I'm just too dumb to know, but I don't see it.


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