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Thursday, June 17, 2004

First Post!

Well, now I've got one of them-thar newfangled blogs. Posting will probably be pretty light the next couple days. I'm taking the GMAT's on Monday, so I'm trying to force myself to spend a big chunk of my free time studying.

I'm not looking forward to taking them - I've been putting it off for the last six months or so, until I finally realized if I didn't schedule them and force myself to take them I never would. I scheduled it for summer, under the logic that it would be slow during the summer and I would have less work-related stress. Of course, that meant that the last couple weeks of work have been way busier than ever.

I'm not sure how I'm going to do. I usually do well with English, but suck at math. I've been studing a ton of math (including doing all 700 problems in the "official" GMAT review book, but I still get a lot wrong. I'm also not sure how much how well I do will matter - I do have good undergrad grades, and also happen to work for the college that I'm applying to. Even if I get in, I still have to hope my employer doesn't reneg on their promise to let me change shifts so I can go to class.


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