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Monday, June 21, 2004

Baby got GMAT...

I've finally taken the GMAT, something I've been dreading and putting off for the last, oh, 6 months or so. Every free moment I have either been studying for the GMAT, or feeling guilty that I was doing something other than studying for the GMAT. Now I'm done with it, and can devote my time to more important pursuits, like working 6 days a week and selling a ton of stuff on eBay (anyone need five wireless routers or 400 slim-line jewel cases?).

I got a 650, (38 math (55th percentile)/ 41 verbal (94th percentile), so I can't really complain. Wouldn't mind math being a little higher, but for someone who sucks at math it's pretty decent. Besides, the school I'm applying to has an average score of ~430, so as long as I don't take a crap on the admission directors desk or send in my application filled entirely in with crayon, I most likely will get in.

Then I'll get to stress over classes, plus I'll have to move to day shift and stress over waking up in the morning.


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